How we are keeping your children and our staff safe

Protocols to Prevent the Spread of COVID

Children who are sick or who have COVID symptoms are not permitted in the centre.


We follow strict procedures to keep our hands clean.

Children will hand wash frequently; upon arrival, after meeting time, between sensory material play, before snack, after snack, prior to leaving, after toilet use.  Children and staff will also follow proper respiratory etiquette (wash hands frequently, sneeze/cough into their elbow, put used tissues in a waste receptacle and wash hands immediately after using tissues).  Signs with visual cues will be posted to remind staff and children.


We have modified or heightened some of our existing practices. 

Social Distancing

Wherever possible, we practice social distancing. 

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E)

In all public spaces (break room, hallways, bathrooms) staff are required to wear P.P.E. Additionally, staff wear protective masks in the playrooms at their discretion.

 Children in each cohort are not required to physically distance or wear masks. 

Class Sizes

Our class sizes are low and significantly lower than the 30 people per cohort, including staff that AHS has set as a limit.

We are following the latest guidelines and recommendations available to us.

Here you can download the covid-19 relaunch daily checklist. Please fill this form and send back to us.