About Us

Mission and Vision

We believe that children learn most effectively when they have the opportunity to explore their environment and experience using a variety of materials while they play. 

We provide high quality care for children by offering a safe, creative, developmentally challenging, and nurturing environment, which will stimulate the physical, emotional, social, creative, and intellectual growth of each child. We genuinely believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences and when they got the opportunity to make their own choices of activities and direct their play. We offer a simulating, flexible, and diverse environment that provides for the individual children’s social, emotional, intellectual, creative and physical needs.

Our Goals

Play is not a break from learning – it is the way young children learn


Our goal is to cultivate authentic relationships and connections and to create a sense of belonging among and between children, adults, and the world around them. Relationships are at the core of everything we do.


Our goal is for every child to develop a sense of self, health and wellbeing. Our programs nurture children’s healthy development and support their growing sense of self.


Every child is an active and engaged learner who explores the world with body, mind, and senses. We provide environments and experiences to engage children in active, creative, and meaningful exploration, play, and inquiry


Every child is a capable communicator who expresses himself or herself in many ways. Our programs foster communication and expression in all forms.